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  • By John R. Quain

Consumer Reports Dings Tesla Model 3

"Declining reliability" is the way Consumer Reports referred to the Tesla Model 3 losing its "recommended" status at the magazine.

The shopping advice mavens demoted the Tesla Model 3 based on the results of updated data for its Annual Auto Reliability Survey. Consumer Reports said that Model 3 owners reported problems that included loose body trim and some glass defects.

While Tesla owners tend to be enthusiastic (to put it mildly) about their purchases, there are plenty of anecdotal examples of minor glitches and fit-and-finish problems with Tesla Model 3's. It may be the worst kept secret in the automotive industry.

And Tesla wasn't the only one to be reprimanded by Consumer Reports. The Chrysler 300 also lost its recommended rating, thanks to reported problems with its electronics and transmission. The former is a little surprising given how well regarded the Uconnect in-dash systems are, while the later complaint represents something of a much more serious problem.

So were there winners with the revised survey results? You bet. The BMW X3 and Genesis G90 got the bump into Consumer Reports' recommended category.

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