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John Quain OntheRoadtoAutonomy

I've covered technology issues ranging from computer security to consumer electronics for over 25 years. I'm currently a contributor to The New York Times and the Contributing Editor at Tom's Guide. I also write a regular column about smart cities and related technologies for Digital Trends

I was a contributing editor at PC Magazine for 12 years, the television on-air technology contributor for CBS News Up to the Minute for 17 years, and have  written for publications ranging from U.S. News & World Report and Esquire to Rolling Stone and Entertainment Weekly.


In all my years of testing, reviewing, and researching, no technology has promised to so radically change our world like the coming revolution of autonomous vehicles. Not only will the changes save lives and reduce pollution, self-driving vehicles and the associated electrification of cars and trucks will transform our socioeconomic infrastructure in ways we cannot yet imagine.

OntheRoadtoAutonomy is focused on that transformation, offering links to relevant articles, and hopefully directing your attention to other reliable sources of news on the promise and pitfalls of autonomous vehicles.

Enjoy the ride.

-- John R. Quain

   Founder and Editor-in-Chief,

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