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  • By John R. Quain

Consumer Reports' Top 10 Cars for 2024

Consumer Reports is just out with its closely watched annual report card on the top cars, SUVs and light trucks. And once again, the top 10 are dominated by models that include electric power. Six of the chart toppers are hybrid or plug-in hybrid models with only one fully electric model on the list.

The BMW X5 makes CR's top 10.

Each year, Consumer Reports (CR) combs through its testing and reviews, owner satisfaction surveys, and predicted reliability assessments to create its top 10 vehicles of the year. The choices cover categories ranging from small cars to pickup trucks. CR also considers a vehicle's safety ratings and focuses increasingly on the safety technology manufacturers are deploying. The last include so-called advanced driver assistance systems that comprise automatic emergency braking (which can include braking for pedestrians and braking on highways), blind spot warnings (to prevent collisions), and rear cross traffic alerts that warn drivers as they are backing up of approaching vehicles.

Given the extensive list of criteria, just three models made CR's top 10 from last year: the Subaru Forester SUV, the Toyota Camry Hybrid sedan, and the Ford Maverick/Maverick Hybrid pickup truck. The Forester continues to be something of an oldie but a goodie, with solid ergonomics at a great price. Toyota's Camry is even better in this Hybrid incarnation, delivering smoother performance, and CR appreciated the small Ford Maverick Hybrid pickup truck's quieter ride.


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