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  • By John R. Quain

Travel Tuesdays: Charge City eBike, the Perfect Commuter

Packing a welter of practical features into a reasonably priced ebike, the Charge Bikes City is a model urban commuter. It also happens to be one of the best bikes designed to ship directly to buyers and unpacked with a minimum of fuss. That makes it ideal for new cyclists or those who have simply been out of the saddle for a while.

Charge Bikes City
Charge attracts attention

Starting at $1,699, it’s competitively priced for an ebike, and the City comes in both a low-step and a high-step model, as well as in two different sizes, so it can comfortably accommodate riders from 5 foot 1 to 6 foot 3. It works like most ebikes in pedal assist mode, but also can go into full-throttle electric mode when needed. Add front and rear lights, full fenders, and a 50-mile battery range, and the Charge Bikes City earned our editor’s choice for 2020.


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