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  • By John R. Quain

Preview: Chevy Updates the Bolt with an EUV

The original Bolt was introduced back in 2017, and it produced about as much excitement as Toyota's Prius. In other words, not much. But it was the first affordable electric vehicle for those of us on a budget. This year, Chevy is revising the model with an EUV--electric utility vehicle--version. It's still a very capable commuter and offers a decent 250-mile range but the big change is that it will offer GM's leading semi-autonomous driving feature.

The new Bolt EUV is the first Chevy to get GM's semi-autonomous driving option, Super Cruise. It's been available on Cadillacs before (and it's promised for the Hummer EV coming later this year), but it shows GM's commitment to the technology with over 200,000 miles of roads where you can drive hands (and feet) free.


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