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  • By John R. Quain

Electrics Lead Consumer Reports' Top 10 Vehicles for 2023

Here come the electrics! Or at least the partial electrics, according to Consumer Reports’ ranking of the top vehicles of 2023. For the first time, seven of the top 10 models are either fully electric or electric hybrids.​

Hybrids are traditional gas-powered vehicles that also use battery-powered electric motors to improve fuel efficiency. Some automatically recharge the battery while driving; others — such as plug-in hybrids ­— can be charged at home and run for short distances on electric-only power (usually about 30 miles). 

“Hybrids drive very nicely, and they are quiet, and they are reliable,” says Jake Fisher, Consumer Reports’ senior director of auto testing, noting that many are more reliable than their gas-only counterparts.


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