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  • By John R. Quain

Travel Tuesdays: Black Diamond Distance Wind Shell

Black Diamond Distance Wind Shell

Given the times we live in, running outside far away from people has become essential for many of us--no matter what the weather. While shoes may matter the most, the one critical piece of running gear for me has become Black Diamond's Distance Wind Shell ($129).

Initially part of a testing trip in the Swiss Alps, it turns out the Distance Wind Shell is great for running, too. Its gossamer nylon material is imbued with an environmentally friendly waterproof DWR material that I've found works in a downpour yet still breathes when the worst you're facing is a dreary drizzle. On chillier mornings, the shell keeps the wind from cutting into your core and the built-in hood can be cinched down tight when you cool down too quickly.

When we can really travel again, you'll find the Black Diamond shell is so light that you'll forget you have it on (just 98 grams). It also packs down into a size small enough that it fits into its own pocket (great to toss into an emergency car bag). The bottom line: The Black Diamond Distance Wind Shell has made it possible for me to run on days when the weather would otherwise have forced to me to stay on the couch.

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